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Migrating Connect


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I find myself needing to rebuild my analysis machine but I need have Connect available on a secondary machine for my clients.


Will this process work and retain all the tags etc:

  • Copy the original source files and the case data files to an external drive
  • Plug this into the 2nd computer
  • Launch Intella, open the case and edit the source locations to match the new paths
  • Launch Connect and share the case

Is that the only data I need to copy across to make this work?

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Hi Adam! 


We will prepare brief migration guide for you and post it here and in support portal. Process should be fairly simple and should be pretty much about moving the cases data (will be the heavy work) and few config files if you wish to preserve Intella (Connect) settings between the two machines. 


We will keep you posted so you can start working on it right away.

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Great thanks Lukasz, much appreciated.


I've almost got all that data I listed above copied across so I'll await the guide to fill in the missing blanks and put it to the test :)


Edit: Okay all ready to migrate sir!

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Sorry, forgot to come back. Yes I had an email from Chris who confirmed my above process was correct and also gave me the path for the config files if I wanted to transfer them out to retain setting etc.

All worked well and I have my secondary machine up and hosting with no issues.

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Hi Gents, we are migrating to a new server.  I was hoping to get a copy of this migration guide mentioned here but can't find it.  I think we have migrated most of the Intella Connect settings (using 1.7.3 still) however I dont seem to be able to get the 'authorizations" from User Management to show up on the new server.  Any advice or a link to the guide would be most helpful.  Thanks, Simon

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