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  1. Hi, Would changing any entries in the file "\audits\local-user.csv" help? Thanks Simon
  2. Hi, I have a team of reviewers who are about to start a linear review of documents in a case. During testing and setup some items in the case were opened and previewed. Is there a way I can remove this tick/flag from these items? I want to use this field to track the reviewers and see which items they have looked at and so it needs to be cleared at the start of the review. Thanks Simon
  3. I think I have located the issue - I have found the "auth" files located at "AppData\Roaming\Intella\auth".
  4. Hi Gents, we are migrating to a new server. I was hoping to get a copy of this migration guide mentioned here but can't find it. I think we have migrated most of the Intella Connect settings (using 1.7.3 still) however I dont seem to be able to get the 'authorizations" from User Management to show up on the new server. Any advice or a link to the guide would be most helpful. Thanks, Simon
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