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Increasing Urgent need to remove data from Intella


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Hi Guys,


We really need your help on how we can facilitate the removal of some data from Intella.


The background is that we are hosting the edisclosure for one of the parties in a 6 party litigation, over the course of the last couple of months we have exchanged many rounds (3 rounds x 6 parties) of document disclosure and really exercised the import/export by load file functionality and all is working well. 


Now  - one of the other parties has inadvertently disclosed some privileged material and we have loaded it into intella, the other parties have loaded it into their respective systems (3 x clearwell, relativity and Recommind).


We are now faced with a request to remove the offending material, the other parties are confirming that they have deleted the material, but I'm not going to be able to make the same statement. I'm aware that I can tag and then restrict access but I've started these discussions and it will not be good enough.


I cant (practically) rebuild the case without the offending material as the number of load files all of different formats etc would be weeks worth of work.


I can however remove the native files from the directory, therefore the previewing will error gracefully, but I'm still left with the text of the documents in the "contents" tab.


Is there any chance, even if its at database level, that I can zero out the contents tab - This will allow me to comply with what is likely to be a court order ?


Intella is really holding it own in this litigation with other parties slow and expensive mega systems - I don't want to fall nearing the home straight.


Hope you can assist?



Best regards,


Jason Coyne





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Hello all,


This feature is indeed high on our wishlist, you are certainly not the first to bring it up!


Right now we are working on a new and much faster indexing engine. Once that reaches a mature state, this feature will likely be one of our top priorities.


One workaround we can think of is to export all desired items into a load file, create a new case and import that load file as a new source. This approach is not perfect though, as our load files are not yet able to pass through all information in a case.


That could be a design goal for the load file export and import: make it able to pass through 100% of the information in a case.

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Hi Guys, this issue for me is back on my Radar.


Today I have received an order to 'delete' all of the copies of 1 single document that I have in an intella case. It contains some confidential material which can no longer be seen by the reviewers


The case has been indexed up for months, loads of tags/comments all saved on millions of documents and it looks like I will need to completely rebuild the entire case without this one document.


I've investigated with the lawyers if I can use the 'restricted' option within the user authorization to prevent them from seeing it, but this will not be allowed because I will be unable to say that I have completely deleted it.


The load file/overlay file is a lot better these days, but it struggles with documents that have multiple tags.


Are you any closer to being able to have controlled functionality to enable the removal (or at least replace the record of the text and preview) a document from the underlying database? 


It is possible to get R/W access to the underlying database to purge one document record ?


I understand that Intella competitors have a 'record replacement' function which they use to effectively swap out for a blank placeholder


Best regards,



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