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Listing documents and their attachments

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I have a query about the format of exported lists of emails and their attachments.  


I am presently preparing a list of documents for discovery in civil litigation in New Zealand.  My jurisdiction requires that when I prepare a list of documents for discovery and exchange that the attachment to an email is listed as a separate document immediately following the email.  Each document must have sequential number which follows from the document before it.


Anyone else had to deal with this issue? 



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We have been using the CSV format when exporting and then transferring the lists onto Excel spreadsheets.  


The documents fields need to be 

document ID:
document type:
parent document ID:
exchange documents electronically by way of—
a single, continuous table or spreadsheet, with each column exclusively containing the detail from above. 
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The Parent ID is available in the export to relativity load file, I have used "RECORD_ID_GROUP_BEGIN" in the load file to link the email bodies and attachments together. 


You can also open a relativity load file "Export.dat" in excel as a delimited file and then save it as an xls

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