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Found 1 result

  1. I've noticed that the native preview tab in connect 1.8 (this includes both .2 & .4) is slower to display the document that it was with 1.7.x Its fine previewing PDF's as these are not converted server side, put word/excel and powerpoint documents when being converted from native to pdf as not as quick as before. The server platform is the same, the case is the same, just connect is now on 1.8 - the users of the case commented that they used to be able to review documents and tag in the preview pane with documents loading is <1sec - now the same process takes about 2-3seconds with the "loading native previewer" message displayed. I've monitored the connect server and I can see the java process utilizing CPU cycles, but these are well balanced acrossed the 8 cores and dont raise the server above 22-25% for about 2-3 seconds. It would be a better user expereince if it used 75% for 1 second and I think this is the profile that we saw in 1.7. Has the preview engine (which converts office documents to PDF) in connect 1.8 been changed? and can I tune it to speed up the process. Best regards, Jason
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