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Background Tasks Wishlist

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Performing large OCR batches or other long-running background tasks┬áusing Connect currently feels like "go for it and hopefully everything will work as expected" ­čśë┬á... most of the time, it's exactly what happens, but sometimes it's not and here some improvements could help to make it less magic...

  • Pause and/or Stop background tasks already "in progress"
  • Adjust priority of background tasks, to let single OCR jobs run while having a large batch in parallel
  • Integrate batch results like "Feature -> OCRed" after a configurable item count, e.g. after 1.000 or 10k items
  • Run OCR background tasks on a(ll) Node(s)┬áinstead of the main Connect server


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Hello Stephan,

This all sounds like good ideas to me, I'll include them in our roadmap for the future. We have some long-term plans for improvements in overall experience of using tasks in Connect, where I would like to address these as well. Leveraging Nodes for background tasks is also something that we are planning to do, but that one will be the hardest to do.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback.

P.S. Current version allows for stopping (removing) tasks which are running, but this depends on the type of the task (not all of them support this feature).

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