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  1. Performing large OCR batches or other long-running background tasks using Connect currently feels like "go for it and hopefully everything will work as expected" 😉 ... most of the time, it's exactly what happens, but sometimes it's not and here some improvements could help to make it less magic... Pause and/or Stop background tasks already "in progress" Adjust priority of background tasks, to let single OCR jobs run while having a large batch in parallel Integrate batch results like "Feature -> OCRed" after a configurable item count, e.g. after 1.000 or 10k items Run OCR background tasks on a(ll) Node(s) instead of the main Connect server Stephan
  2. Additionally, the same approach would be useful to export encrypted items (e.g. PGP mails) and import the decrypted files, having them attached as well. Similar to the feature request in http://community.vound-software.com/index.php?/topic/385-export-encrypted-items/?hl=decrypt&do=findComment&comment=1835
  3. Hello Andrej, we've two Team Manager and six Team Reviewer licenses, therefore we don't have the option to use Intella Connect. If there's no option yet for this, you may want to move this topic to the Intella Wish list instead? Stephan
  4. Hello Intella-Team, as far as we know performing OCR on an item will work as follows: Export item for OCR, e.g. an image or PDF... Perform OCR externally, e.g. using OmniPage or ABBYY Import OCR'd itemsExtract textual info from OCR'd items Index extracted textual data within Intella There are at least two disadvantages, we have noticed: Opening an "original" PDF will not include the text data from the OCR process Reindexing the Case means loosing all imported OCR texts A possible enhancement could be this approach: Append the OCR'd files as an attachment to the item Add an option to open the Attachment instead of the original item What do you think about this? Thanks Stephan
  5. Hi, we're using Intella Team Case Sharing using a Windows Server 2012 R2 and six Intella Viewer PCs. Currently, we start the Case Sharing manually using the Intella Case Manager on the server. Until next reboot... :-) I didn't find options for Intella.exe or IntellaCmd.exe to share a case headless like a Windows Service. Is there anything like this already possible for Intella? Thanks in advance Stephan
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