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The autotag feature when undertaking keyword list searches is something I use quite a bit, but it would be great to see some further control over how those tags are applied.

Lets say I already have a dozen or so tags applied, and a structure built up, if I import a new keyword list and want to auto tag those new tags are going to be interspersed between my existing tags and basically make a mess and trigger my neatness OCD bug ;)

To whit, currently we can set the tagging preference only (ie tag the selected item only, tag it's children as well etc..) I would be great to simply have a check box and be able to put that list of new tags into it's own nested parent tag, for example all these new keyword tags would be under a parent tag 'KWS 2' or what ever we want to call it. That way once the search and subsequent tag operation has completed it is very easy to work with that new set of tags.

Secondly we can't influence what those new keywords are searching across, it would be another good addition if we could apply exceptions/inclusions or the options filter to the autotag/search process to limit the false positives and the cleanup that we have to undertake after the operation.

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Hello Adam,

When using auto-tag feature you can provide the tag name in the following format: parent_tag/new_tag. That way a parent tag will be created first and you should be able to maintain your structure. Is that what you were seeking?

As for the other part of your question - what changes/features in the UI you would like to see to influence the scope of this search/tagging operation? Filtering by type or something else?

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The parent_tab/child_tag syntax will assist in the short term, however to avoid the need having the ability to simply tick a box and type a 'Parent' name as part of the AutoTag process would be ideal.

The changes I'm thinking of are giving the ability to apply parameters to keyword lists for searching and auto tagging.

So for comparison, if I want to search across the subject lines ONLY of all emails I do the following steps:

  1. Highlight emails in the type-->communications facet, right click and select 'include'
  2. select the 'options' button next to the free text search field (top left) and untick all options except 'subject'
  3. enter search term in the free text search field and press enter
  4. results display matches across emails only in the subject field
  5. I can then highlight and tag those results before moving on to the next search term

Using that as a basis for what I'm looking for imagine how to make that possible using a keyword list so we can avoid typing in hundreds of individual search terms.

When we add a keyword list and then select 'AutoTag' the only option we can change is the tagging rules (item only, including child items or including all family tree items).

There will be many uses I think where having the ability to apply the following filters to keyword lists AND have them auto tag would be great:

  • Dedupe/ignore irrelevant
  • Specify fields to search across (subject, text/body, email addresses etc)
  • One tag only per keyword per item/document
    • First occurrence applies within single item (single item has multiple keywords which are responsive, only the first responsive keyword tag is recorded)
    • Highest number of hits on single document (single item has multiple keywords responsive, keyword with the highest number of occurrences is recorded)

Just a few thoughts but I'm sure there are other ways we could give some granular control over keyword list auto tagging.

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