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Customising Primary Date


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I'm running some load file testing attempting to duplicate load files created with other software and I have a question.

Essentially what I'd like to do is have the ability to duplicate the Primary Date column, but have the date format display in a couple of different ways.

My thought was to create a custom field, then duplicate the fields which are listed in the Preferences section for Primary Date, however there is not enough information in the Preferences section for me to duplicate the Primary Date field.

Is there a file somewhere that shows precisely which fields within Raw Data (or elsewhere) that are being parsed for the Primary Date field?

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Expanding on the above query. I'm attempting to have an all encompassing field like the Primary Date, but them manipulating the way the data displays so instead of the full date and time it will just display the UTC offset, say 1000 or AEST for Sydney.

In my testing I tried creating a custom field which looked for the email sent record ( PR_CLIENT_SUBMIT_TIME ) field in RAW DATA and also in the Headers field, then changed the date/time format using z(Z) or just z or Z and a few other variations.

After re-indexing I cannot get this field to populate with any data at all.

I have tried about 10 different date/time formats and even reverted back to the default. I have tried being specific to emails only or 'ANY' in the setup options.

I have all the other custom fields setup and working correctly (email importance, sensitivity, read receipt request etc), this is the only one that is causing me problems.

Any advice appreciated.

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