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Privilege Search - Find Items CCing someone OTHER THAN an attorney

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I'm working on a privilege keyword search for a client.  The client has requested that I search for emails to/from their attorney.  This part is easy enough to implement.

Here's the hard part: The client has requested that I exclude items in which privilege may have been waived by CCing another person.  In other words, if the client communicated with their attorney but also CCed someone else, we don't want that search result to be returned.

Ideally, it would be great to craft a search something like this:

  • (from:attorney@lawfirm.com OR to:attorney@lawfirm.com) AND NOT cc:[anyone other than attorney@lawfirm.com]

Of course, that's not a valid search, and I don't think that such functionality exists.

The only way I think this can be done in Intella is as follows:

  • Run the basic search: (from:attorney@lawfirm.com OR to:attorney@lawfirm.com) and select the resulting bubble
  • Review the Email Addresses Facet and look for any CC (or possibly other) addresses OTHER THAN attorney@lawfirm.com
    • Remove these items from the results

I believe the above should work, but I'd love to know if there is a better way to do this.

Thank you!


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Hi Bryan,

This is a suggestion. Make sure that you test this to make sure that you are getting the correct results, and that the wrong items are not being missed, or included. 

You could search over the CC field only by selecting that field in the Search options. Then search for this in the search box:

* NOT attorney@lawfirm.com

That should bring back anything that is in the CC field that is not attorney@lawfirm.com

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