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Size of Selected Items


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On 3/28/2019 at 4:50 AM, ŁukaszBachman said:

How about exporting the selection to CSV with "Size" column visible, then summing it up in a 3rd party spreadsheet editor? I think this should work fine, given that you don't need to use that feature many times per day.

That's the thing, I DO need to use this many times per day when working a case in Intella.  Many other forensic tools allows for this (EnCase, X-Ways, etc.) and it's a really useful feature.  Otherwise, I end up having to export listings five or six times (or more) just to find out what the total resulting size of a keyword search results will be based on variances in the search term list and how the results are assembled.


Since Intella is already computing the individual sizes of items in the "size" column, I guess it didn't seem like it would be all that difficult to integrate a feature that would 'sum' the size of the highlighted results.

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Hi PF1,

We have looked at this and although it seems easy to add, it is not a trivial task. We looked at adding a 'total size' of the selected items next to where the number of selected items is already shown at the top left corner of the Table view. The issues are: 1) the size column is mixed with bytes, KB, MB, GB etc, so the size data will need to be further processed to provide a reliable figure. 2) there would be an overhead calculating the size on every selection of items that the user selects. 

What has been proposed is to add a right click option that will calculate the size of the selected items. That way the size will be only calculated for the users who use this feature often.

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