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Running RegEx searches in properties


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I'm running Intella 2.2 here and I would like to know if there is a way to run custom RegEx searches in properties/metadata of Intella items?

When I run my RegEx searches using the search bar, I only seems to get results that are in the email body/text of items. No results from hits in properties.


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Metadata values should be searchable if the respective search options are turned on (the "Options" button under the search bar). 

Regex search function in the Content Analysis ("custom categories") works only for full text of items (not metadata).

If you think this is not working properly, feel free to open a support ticket on https://support.vound-software.com. Please attach the screenshots to illustrate the issue.


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Hi John,

That's strange though because we kept on searching and we found that we were able to use RegEx to search for properties using a different syntax in the search bar.

If we surround the RegEx with a leading and a trailing forward slash "/", the RegEx expression also found hits in the properties.

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On 1/18/2019 at 9:34 PM, cayerpm said:

Searchable via RegEx or standard text search only?

Either way. The search scope (text or metadata) is defined by selected search options only and does not depend on the syntax. Yes, regular expressions should be enclosed between forward slashes: otherwise, they are parsed just like normal query strings. 

It should be noted that regex syntax support in the regular search is experimental and there are few known limitations related with it. For instance, only patterns for individual words are supported, so sentence or phrase search is not possible there.

Regex search in the Content Analysis is a different story: it is more powerful, but as it was pointed out, works only on the full text. I think, Jon's reply was about this type of search.


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