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Permissions - Review ONLY

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Morning all.

I've been asked to assign a new user a review only account, so they can only see batches assigned to them.

I've done this but I can see other batches when logging in as that user, that user can also assign batches to themself, how can I make sure this does not happen?


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Hi Fuzed,

If reviewer is granted with minimum set of permissions related to batching ("Can access a case" & "Main UI: can use Review"), then he has the ability to do the following:

  • See batches list
  • Assign a batch to himself if it was previously unassigned
  • Review batches assigned to him

That is how we designed the minimum set of features. If you don't want him to be able to assign "free" batches to him, just make sure that there are no free batches (use manager permissions to (re)assign batches). He will still be able to see general metadata about other batches (name, reviewer, progress, etc.) because we decided that it's good for reviewers to see the overall status of the review (answering the question "where are we currently at?").

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