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Tagging and batches

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I'm working with tagging and batches, and find that the heriachy side of things in batches doesn't work.

I.e. if I create a set of tags for example on three levels - Review 1, Review 2 etc

Then subsections

material 1

material 2

Then create 


not needed

etc etc


I find when trying to create batches using this I can only create these with the top two levels, anything after that is not detailed.

The problem I'm finding is that I have so many tags to create it's getting messy in the TAG area.

The client is doing a level 1 review of the material, which is complete, now they want to do a level two review of the same material, so I need to create further tags and batches for this new review.
Can this be something that can be looked at, and maybe updated so that tagging and batching is made easier and cleaner.
Also would be great if i could manage the tags easier, at the moment if I create a top level and then tags under those and I need to move these around I can not, as I have to delete them.


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Hi Fuzed,

You are right that Coding Panel respects only two levels of tags hierarchy. That is by design and I think it's also the first time someone rises that to be an issue. We've chosen this path mainly because too much hierarchy in Coding Panel would eat up real estate of that UI element and it could quickly clutter it. Two levels seemed enough to tackle most scenarios.

Note that usually for First Pass Review and Second Pass Review people are reusing the same (or similar) coding layout (mapped to the same tags) and they are just calling batches like in this example: FPR-1...FPR-10, SPR-1...SPR-10

Point taken about moving tags between branches in tags facet. I agree that it could be handy to move tags instead of deleting them. I'll check if we have this covered somewhere.

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Thanks Lukaz

I understand about the UI element, what I've noticed is that the tag UI gets very full, if were creating material for review, I guess I just like things to be a bit tidier, i.e. having the ability to create top level folders means less clutter.
It would be great if the tagging was a little more 'user friendly', copying of a tag so I could create one then copy and paste the same tags throughout, as these are used as radio buttons within the review would be useful.

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We already have such an improvement on our radar. We basically wanted to create few "templates" which could be applied by a simple keystroke. For example, if you press "1" you'd code item as "Privileged > Yes", "Reason > X" but if you press "2" then you'd apply "Privileged > Yes", "Reason > Y". This feature awaits some development time granted for enhancements in Review UI.

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