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Items tagged not showing in the facet tag view

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Hi there

Okay I am a relatively inexperienced user of Intella and need some assistance.

I created several tags and sub-tags. I used certain words as keywords and searched across the database. The items I found to be relevant were tagged with the appropriate tag. When I select the “tag” facet it shows a breakdown of my tags as well as the number of items tagged in each tag. This is all good and well. Here’s the problem…Intella shut down due to a power interruption and when it came back online again my tags created are still showing under “the facet tag view” but with zero or only a few items listed as being tagged. When I search the database again across I found items tagged but they are not showing in the “facet tag view”.  My question is this: 1) Has anyone experienced this and if so, do you perhaps know how I can get the tagged items to show up on the facet tag view. (Oh…When I go to features, tags the items also does not appear to be there either). 2) How do I identify the items tagged under my tags?

Thanks! Looking forward to your guidance.    

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Hi Karel,

Based solely on that information it's hard to say what's the current status of your tags, but judged from your description it could be that your changes were not synced to disk before the power failure. It should be noted that  Intella products have plenty of safenets guarding your data consistency and preventing such situations, but those mechanisms can't give you 100% guarantee against power failure. That's why we are always advising to keep regular backups of your cases.

Also, if you own a copy of regular Intella products (not Connect), then you can try reparing your tags database. This is covered in "10.10 Restoring annotations" section of User Manual.

I hope that helps!


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