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Email Searches and date ranges

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I've currently got users asking me to conduct searches for them on connect, which I'm happy to do, but they want multiple emails within a specific date range.

The have asked that I conduct searches for X and Y through this date range and dedupe

Then X and Z through same date range and dedupe

They want the searches run together so that there is NO duplication between the two searches so they don't have to review the same material within the two searches.

These are individual searches for X and Y and X and Z - how can I do it, if I can?
These will be split into batches once complete.

If I do a search for the three names, I'm finding that the cluster map gets messy i.e. too many clusters on screen making it almost impossible to determine which data relates to what, is there a better way to identify the material I want.

I.e. searches conducted are NAME 1 (email addresses only) Name 2 (email addresses only) Name 3 (email addresses only).  Then date range required.

This gives me a total of 15 clusters on screen at once, and no easy way to determine which material I'm interested in due to the way they are displayed on screen, i.e. too many too close.  See image for reference I've blurred out the searches.





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I've just had a thought, would this work if I conducted each search, then tagged each set of end results?

Then ran the tags and added each of the tags to a NEW tag called ALL.

I've done this and there is no duplication between the material, im assuming this is all deduped (so the 19,000 results are what they have conducted a search for?).

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Hi Fuzed,

I think your idea with intermediate tags could work. You could also just conduct each search and add results to the same tag (ex. "Keywords results"). Then you can use the Date Facet to pick a date range and use "Include" button (instead of "Search"). That will show you only items tagged as "Keywords results" which are also included in selected date range. At this point I'd tag this as "Keywords results with date", for quality assurance. Last step would be to deduplicate your results, which will make sure that you don't waste time on reviewing duplicates. It would be wise to tag those as "Final results" too.

If I understood you correctly, then I think that this will satisfy your use case. Please check, thought, if final results are matching your expectations.

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