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Windows 10 - Connect

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has anyone installed onto Win 10 Pro?  I've got a connect box, but wanted to install the latest versions and update the OS, so bought a new SSD and installed 10. 

I've installed connect, and can start as service, changed the port within the sys file, allowed the connection through the firewall, but still can't get to the server via the internet.  I can ping the box remotely, that's fine.



Or should I go back to 7, which I still have the SSD, and can restore to the new drive if needed (wanted to keep the original as a backup, as I know that works).

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Hi fuzed,


We are actively developing and running Connect under Win 10. I don't remember anyone having experienced similar issues. I'd advise to first make sure that it works fine when access locally, then using telnet to access remote IP and provided port and see what it shows you. It could be some Windows settings that make the service closed to incoming connections. Firewall would've been my first guess, but maybe Windows Defender plays a role too?


Please share your findings with others.

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Any thoughts on how to get the Connect exe to run at startup, so if the machine reboots due to updates, the connect service will start in the background?

I've spent time looking into this and Win10 does not allow applications to run with admin privileges at startup, I've tried a few things that are suggested online such as creating it as a task using task scheduler, but am unable to get it to work.  Nothing seems to happen at startup, so its a manual start for the time being.

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@fuzed, over the years we've found that most of issues with Windows Service not starting is due to a credentials issue. So if you run into issues double check in Windows' Services dialog if you provided the right credentials (just locate Intella Connect Service, then right click and choose Properties and go to Log On tab to re-enter them again).

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