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Hiding irrelevant types


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Or simply use the facet 'type' filter to highlight emails, then click search, this will show you all emails (and only emails).


If you are wanting to search within emails then rather than click the 'search' button use the triangle next to search and select 'include'. This will mean the searches you run will be within emails only.


Just be aware that if you use the include option for a second filter (ie date range) then the searches will apply only to the most recent include filter that you have applied.....at least it used to be that way, not sure if things have changed with the latest version.


I tend to build my complex searches a step at a time to ensure I know exactly what is happening. For example, if I want to search for emails between specific people over a specific date range I will do it this way:

1 - Use 'type' facet to isolate only emails-->Tag all these emails something like 'Setup-Emails'

2 - Clear the screen then select the new tag 'setup emails'-->use the date range facet to select the required date range and use the 'include' facet filter

3 - Apply a tag to the emails within the date range 'emails date'

4 - Clear the screen and then select the new 'emails date' tag items. You should now be looking at only emails within the specified date range

5 - Now I would use the main search field and under options select 'To' or 'From' or 'CC', whatever was specific to what I need and enter the email address I'm interested in.

6 - I would then tag up the resulting emails as something like 'emails TO john FROM michael'

7 - Rinse and repeat for all the relevant emails.

8 - Finally if I want to see the emails from John TO Michael I simply select the two tags that relate, then the intersecting coloured ball will show me my relevant emails.


There are much faster ways to accomplish that type of search by using regular expressions or even AND/OR options, I have found though that the simpler the search query is, the less likely you are to miss something relevant. 

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