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  1. Jon, We do about 100 forensic examinations a year. Our main tools are Intella and Axiom. We would like to test W4. John McElhatton www.3dforensicsinc.com
  2. I am fairly new to Intella. Trying to import GMail communications into Intella following instructions in the manual but it seems to be wrong or maybe out of date. Never see the "create project" prompt in the GMail API.Wondering if Google changed the requirements to obtain a token l like requiring much more than just the login credentials for th account? Right now I am just confused and would appreciate any help in the required steps. I have the login id and password for the account. Thanks for any suggestions. John
  3. Thanks very much I will try this. Very helpful.
  4. Just getting used to using product and have question which I think is easier than I am making it: I want to retrieve all MESSAGES AND ATTACHMENTS within a certain date range that: a) are either from or to a certain email address b) contain attachments Can this be done with one query? several? Any advice very much appreciated. John
  5. Thanks Jon but this is of no help. All of the preferences for irrelevant items are pre-set and limiting a search to only messages is not one of them. Any other idea? John
  6. Fairly new at this. I want to display ONLY email MESSAGES not images, calendar entries etc. in a search list. Thanks for any help, John
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