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Smartphone acquisition to be viewed in Intella Connect


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Guys, I'd like an opinion.

I'm not sure how many of you works with Cellebrite for data extraction.

Normally, after an extraction, I just generate a XML report through the specific Cellebrite tool (UFED Physical Analyzer) and this XML report is indexed through Intella PRO to allow revision through Connect.

Do you use or do you see any best way to index a Cellebrite extraction in Intella?


Thank you and regards!

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I've not used the XML reports before, but the UFDR report indexes well with Intella.


I'll be in a position tomorrow where I can produce an XML and UFDR from the same phone and run them side by side for a comparison.


The UFDR reports seem to get all the data you need but there are a few items that aren't displayed by default, you have to go dig a little for them, see my other post in the wishlist section


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