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Indexing Skype Chat


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Good Afternoon,


We are currently using Intella Pro v 2.0.1.  The disk image (E01 format) that I am using contains Skype chat.  When I attempt to index only the Skype information by selecting it from the "File Types and Locations" page, I receive no hits.  However, when I index the entire contents of that same disk image, Intella detected the Skype chat and parses it beautifully.  Has anyone ran into this before?


Thank You!

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It looks like the skype database was not processed with the restrictions in place.
Along with the Skype information from the file types that you already selected, you also need to include the skype main.db database file. This can be done by clicking the 'Add file name' button and typing main.db as the value.

Skype settings.JPG

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Hi KTD3287,


In order to index only Skype conversations from specific source the alternative approach to the one described by Jon is to add just SQLite type as this is a database type which is used by Skype to store it's data. The thing is that Intella can't know whether certain SQLite database is actually produced by Skype unless it's indexed - that's why selecting just "Skype conversations" doesn't have any effect at the moment. We might improve this in the future.


Side note: If you want to index also SQLite databases inside archives, you have to include also the appropriate archive types.

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions.  I added the main.db file as a file name that needed to be searched and Intella successfully parsed the data. 


Are users not currently using the "file type" selections when needing to be restrict/filter the amount of data that is being indexed?

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