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Add 'Date Created' for batches in review tab

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This has been highlighted by my client on a long running matter where we have created some 40 or so batches.


As they are currently arranged alphabetically and due to the many different naming conventions we've used as the batches increased it's become apparent that having the ability to sort by date of creation would be a huge benefit and the easiest way to identify new batches.


I know I could alleviate this by having better naming conventions and from this point on I will preface each batch name with a number, however in some instances the client is determining the batch names and for their own reasons will not want this prefix.


Also having the ability to 'clean up' the preview tab would also be handy, maybe the archive option rather than simply changing the status to archive we could have a folder at the top of the list called 'archive' and when a batch is archived it's hidden from view on the main screen but can still be accessed in the archive folder, or even a seperate tab for archived batches.


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Hi Adam!


We already had plans for allowing to sort batches by creation and completion dates (separately). I suspect that this should be added in a near future (next or subsequent version).

You have a good idea with the "archived folder" here. I'll think if "folders" could actually become more useful way of organizing batches rather than a list. If not, I'll make sure to address the need of making archived batches disappear from the main view. I suspect both improvements will be applied in the same version.


Thanks for good suggestions!

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