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Create thumbnails from video files


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This would be particularly relevant when using Connect, but having the ability to pull thumbnails at set intervals from video files would be a fantastic addition. 


This would be a huge benefit for any Connect reviewed data as the need to download large video files over the internet to preview is incredibly time consuming and often not feasible.


I would also go a step or two further and add some either manual or automatic configuration options based on the length of the file, something like below:

  • Short video files of less than 5 mins have a thumbnail screenshot every 5 or 10 secs (configurable)
  • Long video files 5 -15 mins every 10-20 secs (configurable)
  • Very long videos 10, 20 or 30 sec intervals

The other and more complicated alternative is for an automated smart screen shot generator which can make intelligent screen shots based on the content. I'm not exactly how these work but I've heard of software that can detect significant changes in the scene and also skin tone and will take more or less screen shots based on this.

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