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SSL Cert Update Time

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The time has come to update the SSL Certificate on the server, I'm no geek when it comes to this kind of thing, but I know my way around most things.

I'm struggling to get the SSL Certificates updated on the server, so I am having to get the clients to login via the http port for the time being.

I've had a new Certificate created by following the instructions that VOUND provide within their documentation, but when I try to activate SSL I get the following error 'The private key password verification failed or the keystore does not contain private key.'


So I go back to the certificates, and using Keytool I've changed the passwords for the keystore.

When I've tried to change the password for the key 'mykey' I've been prompted with the following error 'keytool error: java.lang.Exception: Alias <REMOVED FOR SECURITY> has no key'.
So I'm not sure what on earth is going on, I've googled this to death and I'm not getting anywhere, is this an issue with my Key, or something else?

Any help is appreciated.


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Hi Fuzed,


Have you seen before the Intella Connect user manual, section "9. Setting up HTTPS"? This has been recently added to the documentation and shows how take existing certificate and build new Keystore out of it, but it also gives some important insights on how this works in general.

When dealing with Keystores it's important to know that each Keystore can have 0 or more private-public key pairs. It seems that your Keystore is missing the private key, but I'm not sure why. Have you been creating a new Keystore or did you try to update the certificate in existing Keystore? The crucial part is - your Keystore must contain the private-public keys pair that was used generate the CSR.


Let me know if this helps a bit.

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