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Email Footers and Signature removal


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Is there a way to remove images included in email footers/signatures?  I tried turning off "index embedded content" but that has not helped.  


What I'm trying to do is export a collection of emails to PDF and have the PDF be just the Original View of the email. My problem is that the export includes both the original view of the email and also the attached footer images which are included on a separate sheet at the end of the PDF.


Does anyone know if there is a way to get rid of these footer images while also making sure that I get email attachments in my export?


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Hi westerndigital,


We have improved the classification of attachments and embedded items in version 2.0. When exporting to PDF, you should be able to get the email and attachments without embedded signature blocks etc as extra items in the export. 


Note that this will only work with version 2.0 or later. Also, the case has to be indexed in version 2.0 or later for the embedded items to be classified properly.


If you have indexed in version 2.0 or later and you still have this issue, then it may be one of the PDF rendering settings that is causing the embedded items to be included in the export. Try using the settings shown below. I have tested these settings and it works fine.







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