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Found 4 results

  1. Is there a way to remove images included in email footers/signatures? I tried turning off "index embedded content" but that has not helped. What I'm trying to do is export a collection of emails to PDF and have the PDF be just the Original View of the email. My problem is that the export includes both the original view of the email and also the attached footer images which are included on a separate sheet at the end of the PDF. Does anyone know if there is a way to get rid of these footer images while also making sure that I get email attachments in my export?
  2. Hi All I have the latest version 1.8.4 of Intella Team and I can clearly see the names and email addresses of the recipients of an email when reviewing it in Intella; however, when I save the email and open it in Outlook, the recipients are blank. See attache docs The Raw data in Intella retains the information and printing from Intella provides all the data I need Any help? Best Stefano
  3. Wondering if anyone has been able to collect via IMAP either a Yahoo account or a iCloud account? I realize Yahoo has a unique and not fully supported implementaiton of IMAP (designed for mobile only) but using imap.mail.yahoo.com I was able to successfully access the folder list and begin the collection. Unfortunately, it errors out within minutes. Happened in different areas of the mailbox (per the log files) on multiple attempts. Thunderbird seems to be downloading all Yahoo items sucessfully, so I know the imap server and settings were correct... With the iCloud account, despite having the correct credentials (tested using the icloud web portal) the folder listing never appears and Ireceive an "authentication error". Anyone have any suggestions? I would LOVE to be able to collect IMAP using Intella, but if Yahoo mail doesn't work with intella I would be pretty sad as I find myself needing to collect Yahoo mail pretty often.
  4. One feedback that I got from multipe of our reviewers is that it would make their review more efficient by making attachments to an item (i.e. email) directly available along side with the contents without having to select the Attachments or Tree tab. I'd think there to be space for this in the left frame beneath the arrows. I'd be interested to hear others' views. I just realized that this would actually be more relevant for Intella Connect than TEAM.
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