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Certain Load files do not import documents.


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In 1.9.1 when you import from a load file do you need to have at least a file type, extension or mine type for Intella to be able to import the file correctly?
I've imported hundreds of load files over the years but this time I have a load file from Relativity that does not have any of the above.  
Intella processes the file and does validate the native file path but I cant view any of the documents after the process.
Do I need to edit the loadfile to have a field that assists Intella understand how to import the native files.
FYI the native files are OK, if I tell intella they are just a bunch of files, it indexes them fine - but Of course I dont get any of the load file meta data.


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Hi Jason,


Intella can import a load file that has no type information at all. You should be able to view the imported documents, but some functions may not work correctly when the type information is not available.
If you can't view any of the documents at all, I think something went wrong during the import.
I have answered you question on the support portal. We would need to review our log file to check what went wrong.
Note that in Intella 2.0.0 we have a new option that allows to extract the document type from natives.
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