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Load file .dat editing


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Hi Guys,


We are finding that we often need to edit the .dat file that we receive from relativity providers as they have not adhered to the specification that we have set/agreed.


I have not found a satisfactory method of editing (simply) and would really like to find a reliable way to opening these files in Excel, editing/adding to them before saving and providing them to Intella for load file import


The opening is OK in excel, you can just use the pilcrow as the delimiter but very often on saving excel will alter some aspect of the file which leaves it corrupted as far of Intella is concerned.  


I'm pretty sure that it is something todo with the encoding when saving as a test file, but would welcome as findings from others that have found a better way.


Thoughts welcomed



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It seems that it is common to receive load files where the provider has not adhered to the specification that was agreed. We have other customers in the same boat.


I asked one of our customers your question and they said that they use the following:

  • ReadySuite.  It’s just invaluable, because it breaks them out in to Excel-like columns so you can hide the delimiters, like the Intella load file previewer does.  It has a steep learning curve and is pricey, but has a 2-week free trial.  You can also copy and paste data back and forth with Excel, but have to add new fields to RS as some are read-only.
  • Notepad++
  • UltraEdit, which is really powerful and kind of overwhelming. 
  • TextPad is OK, too. 

It boils down to the type of editing you have to do, and whether it can be managed accurately without having to see the metadata snapped into perfect columns.

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