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Case Sharing "rebootable"


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we're using Intella Team Case Sharing using a Windows Server 2012 R2 and six Intella Viewer PCs. Currently, we start the Case Sharing manually using the Intella Case Manager on the server. Until next reboot... :-)


I didn't find options for Intella.exe or IntellaCmd.exe to share a case headless like a Windows Service. Is there anything like this already possible for Intella?


Thanks in advance


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Hello Stephan,


Intella Connect has the ability to start as Windows Service. It can also be configured to start cases at start-up of Intella Connect, which will allow not only Intella Connect to be started, but also cases shared right away without any need to log into Windows and start anything manually.



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Hi Stephen,


This feature is currently possible with Connect.  It may not be possible to add it to TEAM with the current architecture. There would be a few technical hurdles to do so. 


If we decide to do so in the future we will let you know. 

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Could something be done with scripts here?


You can put a shortcut to intella.exe in the auto start folder to have it run at boot, from there possibly something with scripts or a third party tool?


Edit: a quick search around found this software which allows you to force some CLI commands after the software launches.




Checking through the manual for Intella there is limited support for CLI (including headlesss mode) so it appears you can only launch or create a case and set a folder to index. Maybe it would be possible to add CLI support to share cases within Intella which would give you a workable solution for your needs?

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Hi Qasimshah,


Can you submit a support ticket please. We may require the log files so it is best to manage this issue through a support ticket.


In the ticket, please give a full description of the issue (provide screenshots if necessary), list the software (e.g. Team or Connect), list the version that you are using and list your dongle number.

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