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Chrome glitch


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I'm seeing some weird Chrome glitch and wondering if anyone else has experienced this.


When previewing PDF documents the text from OCR'd documents sometimes appears garbled, however the content view clearly shows the text correctly.


This only occurs in Chrome not Firefox or IE (edge), Chrome version is 50.0.2661.94 m


I've attached a pic from the Content and Preview view below to show what's happening, also clearing the Chrome cache had no effect.





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Hi Adam,

we outsource PDF rendering to a third party component which is probably the one to blame for this particular glitch. Dealing with PDFs is a complex topic which requires tremendous amount of code to be written, so those happen sometimes but are very rare in my opinion. In 1.9.1 we upgraded this library to the newest version which fixed a plethora of such issues and we will probably keep updating this component with each and every release. If you spot such quirks, please use other browser or download the native file for a review.

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