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Loss of quality after indexing


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I'm running some tests at the moment on ingesting large amounts of PDF invoices to assist with an internal matter and I'm noting quite a loss of quality from the original PDF doc to what is shown in Intella.


The original has solid text and clearly visible print, however after indexing there is quite a bit of fading and text is grainy..ish...


I've attached a couple of small pics to demonstrate. The quality loss is by no means drastic and the resulting file can still be read, but I'm thinking what might happen if I export these PDF docs for OCR, then import the results what my overall quality loss may be?



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This is in the Preview tab......however I think I see where you are going with this.


I'll export the files from Intella and see if the quality loss replicates or if it's simply a preview rendering issue, as I understand from your previous advice that the rendering of PDF's in preview mode is not a simple matter.


Edit: Confirmed, this is a preview issue only, when I export or view in native application there is no loss of quality.

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