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A few more


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Thought I'd lump a few in a single post here as it's a bit easier..


Batch Review View Options

A bit of flexibility from within the review window once the batch review is underway to allow the reviewer to filter files by type or other select parameters. For example if you have 1000 files to review your process might be to review all pictures first then move to PDF followed by Word docs.


Apart from personal habits this also makes sense from the point of view that if you review files of a single type all in one go your brain doesn't have to constantly switch from excel, to picture, to word and back etc which causes a bit of brain strain, rather than all the same type so you can get into a good flow. Maybe even just 'sort by type' as we can currently with Connect or Intella which would then group them all together within the batch preview window.


Doc ID visible 

Have the Doc ID visible when viewing the 'content' tab in the batch review under the file name or on the top of the screen somewhere prominent.


Select Multiple Keyword Lists

When viewing batch review you can select only a single keyword list to have highlighted in the document, would be great to be able to select multiple lists (checkbox maybe?)


Ability to elevate some privileges for users

Ability to view other reviewers responsive tags either collectively or individually and to make changes where needed. Essentially I'm looking at sort of a senior reviewer who can vet other reviewers work and alter if if he see's fit. I see this like an extra button available only to him on the review 'all batches' screen something like 'Responsive Review' at the end of each batch line so he can click into any batch and make changes. These changes would need to be tracked as part of the audit log, hence a completely new section rather than simply assigning and reassigning the batch. Ideally it would be selective so the elevated user can chose which responsive tags (codes) that he wants to review.


Currently an elevated user can browse other users batches in read only mode but make no changes.

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Hi Adam!


Some good ideas here!


Maybe even just 'sort by type'...

We have plans to offer custom sorting options for this view, so it will come. 


> Doc ID visible

Yes, we've been missing this one too. We wanted to include Item IDs from the beginning but I couldn't find any good place to fit it yet. As soon as wrap my head around it I'll add this one.


> Select Multiple Keyword Lists

Sounds like a good idea. If your lists are short you can still type the keywords manually though.


> Ability to elevate some privileges for users

I'll have to rethink this one. One one hand it seems like a valid thing to ask for, but on the other - shouldn't QA be enforced on top of the standard review process? I mean, why wouldn't senior not query for certain items in a batch and use a standard previewer to perform his checks? He could also change tags which are applied there and it would be reflected in the coding panels (although one has to be careful with how progress is measured then). All in all I'm not against it, but I'd like to hear other opinions too.

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With the senior review user when you say he can query for certain items in a batch I assume you mean from the search tab? 


I'm was trying to imagine a way this could be done without accessing the search tab, however you are correct this ability already exists there.


On reflection I think you are right, for my Senior reviewer I simply give him access to the search tab and then give them a bit of direction on how to isolate tags from his reviewers and he can conduct/change as he sees fit from there. This would also be handy as he could run more keywords etc if need be.

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