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Separation of Batch Tags


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I think it would be good for a clearer work flow if there was a separate facet on the left hand menu for 'Batch Tags' to clearly separate from other tags which may have been applied as part of a case setup.


For example, I had 365 keywords/terms which were run against the total data set to create a 'review data set' for my client, these keywords were run then auto tagged and deduped to make the data set for review. The resulting keywords were then grouped via Intella and I gave them all a single tag (Batch Review Set) so I could easily select them all via Connect for batching. Switch to Connect and create the batches (about 130), and the review can go ahead as normal.


I then set up the coding tags via Intella and in this case that necessitated the creation of quite a few more tags to take into account the clients wishes for coding, so the end result was around 400 different tags sitting in the tag menu.


Once you get to this level of tags it becomes quite difficult to quickly isolate relevant tags when it comes time to export the responsive documents after the review is complete.


If the batch related tags had their own facet then this process is greatly simplified. 


Edit : I just realised I can quickly isolate tags by user already with the drop down menu at the bottom of tags...

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I think that this is more about the fact that autotagging creates a lot of tags instantly, rather than batches being an issue here. Wouldn't you agree? Perhaps a better solution would be to use hierarchical tags while autotagging?

This is already possible, just specify a full tag path as the tag name, for instance: auto/look, auto/see, auto/find. This will create one parent tag "auto" with three children.

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