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Ability to queue tasks


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I'm working on a job at the moment where I have to prepare quite a few separate PST archives for my client, about 15 all told.


As each PST takes considerable time to create it would be great if we could queue up jobs to run, then press 'go' and then walk away for a few days to let it do it's thing.



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Hi Adam!


I was hoping that you could use our "Command-line support" for this (section 23 in User Manual). Using this tool you could create a task that would take results tagged with, say, "PST-1" tag and export them in background. Writing a simple .BAT file which would run this actions in a loop for all 15 tags could do wonders then.


Unfortunately it seems that currently it's only possible to execute a task file after the Indexing process is finished. And you clearly don't want to reindex your case each time before exporting starts. So it's not possible at the moment, however I will create a request for this extension to be added. I can see how this would be helpful.

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