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Option to highlight tag name within items


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This one I have been discussing with my client as there are issues here that go beyond what we as users may understand about the capability or possibilty.


I had previously mentioned that it would be great if documents could retain their keyword hits even after tags have been applied, however this makes me think it could get confusing as a document could be found with a keyword search of 'test' but the tag name applied could be 'goat', with no clear relationship between the two.


I think the simplest way to apply something which sould be easy(ish) would be to have the option to highlight the tag name within document sets, this way we train our users to be in the habit of making tags which reflect the keywords they are interested in.


I would then like to see this capability exapnded to we are able to select any keyword to be highlighted, some sort of tick box menu which would work exactly the same way as the tag capability, only instead of applying tags we are applying keywords that will be highlighted in any document that is previewed. This 'highlight' menu could also have any manually entered search terms in the list as well which would have the flexibilty to view tag sets yet highlight different search terms within for cross checking etc.



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Hi Adam!


Sorry for a slow reply, but I'm now in the process of processing Community feedback so I wanted to further comment on this. Initially it sounded like a nice feature to be added, but immediately I asked myself: what about fuzzy, proximity or complex boolean searches? That would immediately make this mechanism not function correctly.


Now in Review tab (when reviewing a Batch) one can have multiple keywords/keywords-lists selected to highlight relevant terms. We could add something similar to standard Previewer. Wouldn't that be better?

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