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Removing tags very slow


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I'm removing tags from items via the Connect web interface and this appears to be incredibly slow when compared to the process through the normal GUI for Intella.


By way of example I'm currently removing 1 tag from 15,000 items, after 10 minutes only 66 of 15,000 have been removed. This is the first time I've tried this process via Connect so I can't say if it's a one off or the norm.


There is no cancel button, but what would happen if I killed the Connect server all together while this process was happening? Judging by the speed that it's going it will take a few days to remove the tags I need to remove and I can't let it sit that long.

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That's very unusual. You can try breaking up this operation by forcing Connect to shut down, but there is some risk of a data corruption, so I hope you have a backup of this case. Perhaps it's worth opening a support ticket with logs attached, as it seems that something wrong is going on when you are deleting those tags.

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