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Connect App / Mobile friendly interface


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Any plans on developing a mobile app for Connect or making the web page GUI mobile friendly when it detects a mobile device connecting?


Not so much for review because I think that would be difficult to achieve on an iPad or iPhone, but more like an app to log in to the admin dashboard and access those settings. 

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Hi Adam,

when we launched first version of Connect, it has been well tested on iPad and we made sure that it renders fine on tablets. However we are not seeing much people using it this way. Therefore our primary focus will be to deliver best reviewing experience on larger screens (laptops and HD displays). I'm sure that you agree with us here.


A special, dedicated page for mobile devices that allows to change settings (if you are an admin) or present case dashboard (if you are a reviewer) sounds interesting. I think I'll reconsider it, but I doubt this will get a high priority unless more users require such feature.

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