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Auto Tag via MD5 lists as well


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Okay so the ability to import an MD5 or DocID list will be great, what I'm thinking is the ability to 'auto tag' from those lists the same way we currently can from keyword lists would be even better.


But this has some naming convention issues, say I import an MD5 list with 100 values which I want to tag, having 100 seperate tags all named for their MD5 value makes no sense, but if I import an MD5 list and the file name of this list is "Relevent Issues", then to be able to search and auto tag those 100 MD5 values with "Relevant Issues" would be handy.


I know it's only a few more seconds to highlight them all and tag manually, but I have a master plan which I'm gently leading you towards ;)


My ultimate vision would be have Intella with the ability to import multiple lists at a time (currently can only do one at a time), we could then highlight all the MD5 lists, right click and select 'Auto Tag'. Intella would then go and tag all the MD5 values from each list with the tag being the same as the MD5 list name that we gave them.


This has come from a specific case that I'm working with at the moment, there have been issues with some corrupt data not indexing and other weird issues that meant I had to recreate 150 tags manually on a new data set based on MD5 values as the DocID changed on the new case. I had to export the MD5 lists individually, then import them individually, then manually tag each list accordingly.


It got me thinking about ways to simplify and automate processes like this that may not happen often, but when they do have the potential to take a long time.


One of my ealier wishes would have actually made this process quite painless in one instance, the ability to export multiple .csv files from a single action. By that I mean if I could highlight all tags, right click, export tags to individual files, then select the fields I want to export (MD5, DocID, Tags etc) then Intella would export out a seperate .csv file for each tag, naming each csv file the same as the tag name....

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