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Tag Menu Idea


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I'm working on a few cases at the moment where I'm having to do a lot of 'pre review' tagging for the client. To facilitate this I'm doing a lot of tags to build search queries then I go back and remove tags from certain items and later delete other tags etc. 


No problems there, but I have noticed that the parent/child relationship seems to throw out some of the tag menus when it comes to showing the data alphabetically.


The tag menu looks perfect, but if I highlight all my tags and click search they are displayed randomly in the search box and the parent/child relationship is not visible.

My tags are all a particular keyword as the parent, then the children are either 'email' or 'document' (in this case) but they can be anything. The search window shows them all randomly with no clear indicator which parent each of the 'email' and 'document' tags belong to.


Likewise when it comes time to remove tags from some items, if I highlight a bunch of items then go to the 'remove tags' menu from right click the order is haphazard (but the parent child relationship is visible) with children appearing randomly nowhere near their parents.


Every one knows children should always stay close to their parents for safety  :P


So, long wish is to have the Tag menu keep it's alphabetic display and parent/child relationship just as it's shown in the tag facet menu.

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