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Audit Logs

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I'm having an issue with a windows crash corrupting my case ( I have emailed support regarding this) and something occurred that may assist.


Is there a log file somewhere which details all the user activity?


My thinking here is that if I have to go back to an earlier restore point from my backups I'm going to lose some of the client's work. If there is a log of all the items tagged then I can reproduce the lost work for the client once the older version of the case is up and running.

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Hello Adam,
At the moment there are the following types of log files:
  • The files in the logs sub-folder. These by nature mostly reflect what the application is doing and not so much what the user did to trigger it. These logs are typically used to combat support issues related to indexing and exporting. Tagging actions are logged in it, but lacking most of the information you want such as the items that were tagged.
  • The audits/local-user.csv can be used as an audit trail of the user's actions. Here the tag name, tagging settings and item counts are included, but still not the item(s) itself.
  • The events.log captures all necessary information about who tagged what item(s) with which tag(s). This file forms the basis of the Activities tab.
So the events.log file is the only log that captures all information. The one remaining problem with this file is that it's a binary format file. It can be used to recover lost tags using a case backup (see section 10.8 of the user manual), but it is not in a human-readable format.
We plan to make the events.log file viewable and exportable to other formats in a future release.
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Hello, everyone,

Just rising up this question, I'm looking to audit what keywords and expressions the reviewers has used or are freely using (terms not included in the previously created and authorized wordlist).

I could not find it on the case log folder/files or even looking at other direction suggested by section 31 from the Intella 2.2.1 version.

Did I miss any point looking at this? Is it even possible?


Thank you!

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