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Connect Quick Tag Glitch


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I found this today.


I was testing something else and created 11 test tags, then tagged some random emails to see how the quick tag list behaved as my clients are having a problem with a tag dissappearing from the quick tag list once it's used. I couldn't duplicate their problem so I'll address that in a support email.


But, what I did notice was that when I'd finished testing and deleted all the test tags I made, they still appear in the quick tag list when I open a preview window for an email. Log out and in doesn't clear them and disable Connect server and restart doesn't clear them either.


They appear to be stuck on screen.


Can this manually be cleared somewhere?


Edit : disregard, closing the browser and restarting cleared the quick tag field, obviously stored in temp cache somewhere.


Eit again : actually no it didn't...not sure what happened there but browser close down and clear cache doesn't clear those settings.

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Okay, sorry for the new post but the other one was getting a bit messy.


Clearing the cookies reset the connect view back to default. Is there any documentation or could you provide me with a basic explanation of how the quick tag behaves in Connect. I have been playing around with it and it's clear there is a pattern to the items that are displayed but it alludes me.


At first I thought it was dynamic but it seems to not update under some circumstances and does on others.


What my client was experiencing was that a particular tag would drop off the list when another tag was used, however if they used the tag that had dropped off it was not making it's way back onto the quick tag list no matter how often they used it.


They have one particular tag that they need to use most often and as they are reviewing thousands of documents it's quite pains taking to apply the tag manually in each instance.

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Hi Adam!


There are few rules that govern how quick tags are populated. I am listing them below:

  • most recently used tags are prepended to the list. If you tag with tags A, B and then with C then the list will show tags: C (most recently used), B, A.
  • you can also PIN tags to the certain slot. You do that by right clicking on the Tags Facet in the main Connect screen. If tag is pinned then it will never go off the list and it will remain in the fixed position. You can also make use of ALT+number keyboard shortcut to quickly assign a tag to the current item (so ALT+2 will apply the tag which is at the slot number two)

Quick Tags are stored in browser's local storage, meaning that they are sensitive to clearing operations. You could try manually edit this piece of data, but I wouldn't advice it unless someone accepts the risk.


Yesterday I fixed an issue with deleted tags still appearing in the Quick Tags list. If you are interested in getting access to this build, please open a support ticket and let us know which version of Connect are you currently using.

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