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Include/exclude glitch?

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I'm not sure if this is a user error or something else.


I select 'include' for a specific date range on sent and received, select 'inlcude' on type for emails, then conduct a search by sender email address. I'm seeing numerous emails outside the included date range.


It doesn't seem to matter which order I apply the filters once I click on the ball all emails regardless of date are shown.


I'm having to click search and find the intersecting circle for the emails in the date range. Is this by design?

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Hi Adam!


To quote the User Manual "When multiple includes are used, the results are filtered for all items that are in at least one of the include sets, i.e. it is like filtering with the union of all includes.". So in your case you will see all items for given email address that are either an email OR in the specified date range.

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