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Workflow Management with Connect


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I'm not sure if this has already been addressed, but I was wondering if there are any plans to introduce workflow management in Connect?  What I mean by this is the ability for a Case Manager,


  1. to assign a batch of documents to a reviewer,
  2. have revew progress stats for each reviewer,
  3. auto assign another batch of documents to a reviewer, when the current batch is complete


And other workflow management tasks. At the moment I have to manually tag documents to each reviewer in order to assign them.  I, as the Case Manager, have no way to monitor review progress of each reviewer.


When I log into Connect as Admin, I can see my work, on the dashboard, but not those of each reviewer.  Instead I have to run manual searches.


Also the progress on the dashboard is a bit missleading.  It is telling me the progress, expressed as percentages, against the entire case file.  So at the moment it tells me that 4% of 11 million items is tagged, but doesn't tell me the same percentages against my review population, which is only 25k out of that 11 million.  In this case, I'm not sure how useful knowing 4% of 11 million items tagged is.



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Just to follow-up: the lack of ability to assign subsets of documents to reviewers as batches cost me a project to Relativity, so this would be really beneficial. Plus, I think Intella could build a lot better Batch function than Relativity has.


For example, live batches vs. static batches: live batches could be based on a search or some criteria that automatically updates as new evidence is added to the case. So the reviewer can just check for new documents and they will appear when they are available. Also, a cool component would be if documents disappeared in real-time from the bubble and document list as they were reviewed. This way if the user closed the Preview screen and came back to the list, they would be able to see without clicking on anything where they left off and how many more documents remained for them to review.


This would also be beneficial when multiple reviewers are working on an overlapping document set. If the they have exclusive searches, as one reviewed a document it could automatically be removed from the other users' review set(s). This would also eliminate the need for individual batch creation and assignment. If all users had access to a pool of documents and the system prevented review documents from being displayed to more than one users, then individual batches aren't as essential, and you can always track back to see stats on each reviewer.

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The only problem I can see with a pool approach is that it could cause confusion or problems when users know a specific file exists but they can't find it because it's already been viewed by another user as part of a different search, this would also put an extra burden on the software to track and manage which depending on the complexity of coding that functionality could also impact on overall performance....maybe....


I'm a fan of assigning static batches as for larger cases this is the most efficient way to manage the work load and track the progress for each batch. Likewise with the new data 'merging' seamlessly with old data, while this sounds easier my concern is that in practice it may complicate matters with users not knowing how or where the new data is coming from (assuming a case manager is adding and assigning the data).


I'm definitely very keen to see the ability for a case manager to assign and track work flow and I know this is fairly high on the 'to do' list for Connect. I think that the gap between Relativity and Connect is fast closing and IMO Connect is already easier and more effective to use in most cases.

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