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Finding email between 2,3,4 or 5 individuals only


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Hi all,


I am pretty new to Intella so maybe this is a simple challange to most of you!


In a corporate case involving 35,000 emails (from several PST's) thera are 29,000 individual e-mail addresses.


Out of these only five individuals are of interest. And only e-mails that are sent (or received) involving 2, 3, 4 or 5 of the named five individuals - excluding any mails where any of the other 28,995 users are part of.


Is there a smart way to achieve this challange using Intella?


If I perform a simple search for the named five individuals I end up with close to 35,000 emails. I would like to reduce the numbers before performing review. Searching for keywords in emails are not effecient in this stage of the analysis.


Appreciate any help you can provide me on this!

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Jonas this is something that I've grappled with before and this is my solution (until something better is developed). Something I have asked for an am eagerly awaiting is the ability to limit the search within the to single email addresses within the to/cc/bcc fields so we can eliminate the 'group emails' completely. There are a fair few steps here so hopefully I didn't miss anything..


  • Using the 'email addresses' facet first go through the email addresses using the dynamic search feature and confirm you have all the email addresses for the specific users (may not be necessary but is something I do to identify secondary unknown email addresses)
  • Compile and import a short word list containing only those email addresses
  • In the search options button select only Sender and From, then go to the keywords facet and select the keyword list you just imported and highlight the first email address in the list, then click on search. Select and highlight all the results and then tag them with "Sent by emailaddress". Repeat this process for all email addresses. 
  • Once you have finished that go to the search options and change the selection to 'To, CC and BCC' only, repeat the search and tag operation as above with the keyword list and tag "Received by emailaddress"
  • At the end of this process you should have a 2 tags for each email address, one where they are the sender and one where they are a recipient.
  • Now the manual part, select the tag for one of the Sent group and one of the Received group, highlight and select, now the little coloured balls above should show you any emails that intersect (ie appear in both sets of data)
  • Ensure your details pane has the tabs for "All senders" and "All Receivers" selected
  • Click on this central ball and then sort the details pane by sender and ignore any emails that are a different user than the one you are currently working with.
  • Hold "cntrl" and then click on the All Receivers tab to double sort, this will maintain the previous 'Senders' sort but then sort within for receivers as well and make it easier to work with.
  • Now you have to manually look through the emails to identify which emails were sent by User A ONLY to User B and apply new tags.

Rinse and repeat for all users.


If it doesn't matter about emails that are CC'd to other users then you can ignore a couple of those steps and just apply bulk tags.


Hope that makes sense, I'm a bit rushed ..

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