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Wish List: Intella Scripting Engine


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I can appreciate that this may not be easy to implement, but I would like to see a scripting engine being introduced into Intella so that tasks can be processed automatically. Maybe a command line interface or scripting environment like that of EnCase, but I think it would allow users to script a variety of functions. I can see benefit in being able to do a number of jobs without having to wait for the interface expecting an input or a mouse click, so that I can leave things overnight or the weekend, and have various jobs completed without input from me (unless of course there are errors).


Example scriptable tasks:

  1. Index processing - I can script the indexing of a data source for case A then have a data source indexed for case B
  2. Keywords - have keywords automatically applied to a case and results saved as a saved search perhaps
  3. Exports - once indexing is done, maybe have specific data exported to a folder of my choosing.
  4. Key store - have passwords automatically added to the key store before indexing by pointing the scripting engine at my password file.

I think that when you have possible repeatable tasks, maybe an eDiscovery engagement for a regulator (and you are designing a workflow), and let's say you have 20 custodians' data to process, I want to be able to not only speed up the processing (for example, I don't have to navigate to different folders or sources each time through the dialogue box), but apply other automatic tasks to the data sources I'm indexing so that I can create a streamlined workflow. So if I could script the processing of 20 custodians' worth of data, have applied keywords or date ranges to the data etc., if applicable for that engagement, and then relevant documents exported, perhaps as a load file, then I can simply build a script and run it without having to wait for the interface.



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Hello Mark,


I am happy to tell you that in the next version you will be able to define index post-processing tasks, i.e. find all items matching a keyword, keyword list, MD5 list, date range or an arbitrarily complex Saved Search and let them be tagged, flagged, commented or exported using an export template. It is configured through a UI and therefore may not be as flexible as a full-fledged scripting language, but it will surely make a vast difference.

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