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Auto tagging keywords with selected options

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I want to tag messages that contain names in the to/from fields. It appears auto tagging searches every part of the message and not what I have selected in the options. Is this the correct way it should function? 

Is the only option is to setup a task to sesarch those fields then tag?

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Hello Brad,


Do you want to use tags to mark email with specific senders and recipients? You could use the identites feature to create them based on the email address and then use the identities facet to create searches in the "to" field and another one in the "from" field. The common items would be the ones that fit the criteria. Then you would be able to tag them by bulk. Hope this answers your question. If not, please do elaborate on what you wish to achieve.

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I'm not understanding what you mean by auto tagging. I have both Intella Pro and Intella Connect, but I'm not familiar with that feature and can't seem to find anything about it.

As you suggested, a task would do that very nicely. I have several tasks that I run at ingestion that tags items. We are a MS Exchange shop, so I apply a tag to messages relating to their "Importance" and "Sensitivity" flags. This way a user can quickly select the tag to see all messages flagged as High importance, or sensitivity set to Private for example. 

How does auto tagging work? Does it offer an advantage?


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There is an auto-tagging button on Keyword Lists on the facet Search. I have used it in many ways, but mostly to tag an item of the term that was a hit so I can export a CSV. Then the client can see what terms hit on what item with some metadata with a tag column. Also helps in searching CSVs that are large in size to know what was a hit in a report so I can isolate those that were a hit to view manualy.

Case involves using just a list of email address the client is looking for. Then having to build basically their mailbox from data that is just a bunch of journal PSTs/EDBs and some other random custodian PSTs that are not the requested custodians. 

I did look at the identities tab but did not think of using that to create each custodian. When I hit Calculate, it gives my alot of email addresses that are not in the right format or just unhelpful with this data. It does look like I could have used the the identity details to get the task done but I just created a task for each custodian to search and tag.

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