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Searching Custom ID's

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Hi All,

I have been using Intella for about a year now, as part of a massive project at my organisation.

One of the things that we have enabled is the "Custom ID" feature, which has been really helpful to match items between cases.  However, we can't seem to search by Custom ID in either of the cases.

Can anyone advise how it would be possible to search for items via this ID?

I have tried via the Text Search, but this doesn't seem to work (we have all available options selected within the Text Search field scope).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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8 hours ago, jon.pearse said:

Hi James,

Currently Intella cant search for custom IDs. This is something that we will add in a future version.

Hi Jon,

That's great to hear it's on the roadmap, it'll be super helpful I think.

Thanks for the quick response also :)



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