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import tags from old to new


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I've sort of asked this before and found some work arounds but I have a specific issue that I'm looking for a solution to.


I'm in the process of migrating all my cases to a new machine and so far things are progressing well, however I have one case that has been continually worked on while I was copying data out.


So lets say I copy the data folders out on Friday, and after I finish copying the data folders more tagging work is done on the original data files in their original location.


I'm now ready to get this case up and running on the new machine, but the copy I took on Friday is missing all the extra work done that day and on Monday.


The entire case data folders are 795GB but would I be right in assuming I don't need to copy the entire set?


The item content folder is the bulk at 730GB and I assume provided I haven't indexed any new content then that will be the same already, the other folders listed below are reporting different sizes:

  • audits ~5MB
  • index (size is the same 60.8 GB but the original has an extra 22 files)
  • logs - size is slightly different, around 3.4 GB and different file numbers
  • profile - slight file differences

Copying these folders to the new case should then bring it up to speed on the missed work...?


Because I'm impatient I'm actually trying this now, I have renamed the folders on the new case with an "_old" suffix so if it doesn't work I can revert, but I would be interested to know the exact folders I need to copy if this method will work as I suspect that very few folders are actually modified when new tags and searches occur.

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Hi Adam!


Yeah, you got it quite right :-) The "item content" shouldn't change if no (re)indexing has been done between Friday and Monday. You could also skip the contents of "logs" folder, which are usually quite large as well and are not needed unless you want to report a bug or use them for your own purposes.

It's best to copy the rest of the folders, which shouldn't be that large comparing to the mentioned two.

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