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Retain facet state between accesses

Jacques van Zyl

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When I open a facet and navigate / open the various options, such as navigating to a location with a source in the Location facet or a specific type of artifact in the Type facet - once I action the item I navigated to such as searching or including / excluding the item, and the facet is closed.. should I go back there I have to navigate through the whole structure again to potentially continue my work, over and over.

Can you please save the internal state of a facet and present me with that state when I access the facet subsequently?

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Thanks Łukasz, again, pinning the facet is an option, but uses screen real-estate and then, when you have multiple facets pinned it becomes messy and a lot of scrolling up and down, you can't currently collapse these pinned facets (at least not in a manner I could find).. I recent times I have ended "using" Intella Connect more from a reviewers point of view than just the back-end processing, and these are some of the small issues I have experienced. Thank you as always for considering the user community.

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Yeah I agree with your comments. It's not easy to pull off due to some of the facets rendering potentially very large datasets. But with better 3rd party library support we are getting closer to implement this consistently. I'll check the ticket and will try to re-evaluate this in the next version. Can't  make promises, though.

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