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How to solve? One user, two PST files, I want to know what is new in latest PST (or different)


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Is there a way to compare two PST-files from same user, to find what items are unique to either of the PST files? One PST contains 120,000 emails and the other some 121,000 emails.

The reason for why they differ is due that the latest was exported by a more experienced mail admin!

Is there an easy solution? And simply replacing one PST for the other is not a viable solution by the way...







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Hi Jonas, you could try this:
1) Ingest both PST files into the same case.
2) Search for all mail items in one of the PST files. Then, extract a list for the Message hash values of these emails.
3) Run these has values over the second PST file.
4) Tag the remaining emails that were not respondent to the message hash search. These are the emails which are not in the first PST.
5) Repeat the process but, create a list from the second PST, and search across the first PST to identify the unique items in that PST.

Please note that this is an example only. I have mentioned only messages in this workflow. You may need to include other items such as scheduling items etc. if these other items should be included. Please run quality checks to ensure that no items have been left out or unaccounted for. 

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